The inhumane Caste system

We say we live in a diverse society and we are continuously progressing, but how true is this?

When going to school everyone is taught to treat everyone fairly regardless of there skin colour and culture yet during my time at school nobody is ever taught not to discriminate against someone’s caste. Its almost as if people assume it doesn’t exist however unfortunately, despite our society being diverse this inhumane system is still around.

Although many religions teach us that the Caste system is wrong and causes discrimination as well as inequality it is still used today, for example; in some cultures marriage outside of caste is known to be something which is not right. But why? If you’re happy with someone then why should caste even be an issue, if someone makes you happy, treats you well then why does this Caste system matter?   People assume that the caste system is a religious importance, hence why it is still around today, but, how can something which causes discrimination be a religious importance? This cold-blooded system is simply a socially constructed system kept within society. Not a religious importance.

The caste system is circulated around every part in India and other Asian countries. From Northern India to Southern India caste touches upon every individual. Castes are ranked in hierarchical order  it is based on occupation or birth but purely on personality; it also determines the behaviour of one member of society over another. This social hierarchy has forever been causing hostility as it doesn’t allow society to progress, causing society to be stuck in modernity and not move into post-modernity, where traditions are broken and society becomes more fragmented. In order to move the caste system from society it has to become an all- embracing issue such as; Gay marriage which has recently become legal and has become more socially accepted.

The caste system has always been an inhumane and a repugnant system which has no religious importance whatsoever, as religion always teaches to treat everyone in fair manner regardless of race and culture and caste.