Caste war?

Over the past couple of days social media has been flooded with posts about caste and how wrong it is. Alternatively, others have suggested that caste is a good thing???!!! Let me start with a story (about me), I am very proud of my roots but I  don’t discriminate others of their roots. My grandparents and parents both rooted from the Jatt caste, making me Jatt. When I go India I help on the farms and I do LOVE it. BUT NEVER have my grandparents or parents belittled and discriminated against those of other castes, in fact when I go India a lot of my clothes are given to those who are unfortunately labelled as “chumars”. In addition I’ve spoken to chumars in India and I can tell you now that they are no different from anyone else. For those that think being jatt is about drinking alcohol and creating hashtags etc etc…. That is not showing your roots in a good way. I do not understand why people plaster jatt in everything “jatt ready” “about to have a jatt drink” I mean seriously? You are embarrassing.

Many of the Sikh Guru’s expressed resentment towards caste based discrimination the biggest was by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji|| who stated that Singh and Kaur should be at the end of every Sikh name. Why? because when you have “Singh” or “Kaur” as your surname you will never know of anyone’s caste. Langar was also set up as a protest against caste believe it or not, everyone sits on the floor and eats. Why? because nothing is lower than the floor and when everyone sits together it is a sign of unity. Sikhism has always resented caste, it was the first religion to oppose it.  The Guru Granth Sahib never said a jatt can only marry a jatt, it does not care about caste.

One’s mind has to be clean||

And of those who believe in caste, you do not have a clean mind. I mean for someone who had read the Granth Sahib with her elders half of you do not know what you are on about. Then people state “why get rid of caste when people smoke/drink alcohol and eat meat?” Well I’ll educate you more, Caste should be gone. Why? well it divides Sikhs: Example: “you cannot marry him?” but why he is educated and has a nice family? “no he is not the right caste!!” I mean this is why I hate caste. Does his caste which he was born into have the right to determine everything?. Marry who makes you happy regardless of their “caste”.  As for eating meat this does not cause division between anyone,  does it? Surely me going to Nandos would not offend any Sikhs that are vegetarian I mean most of my mothers side are vegetarian but they do not mind me eating meat? As for smoking and alcohol well this is heavily condemned in Sikhism and I am glad I have not smoked or consumed alcohol, personally it just does not appeal to me. For those who do drink or smoke well as they say ‘drink responsibly’.

I know chumars that are successful than jatts and vise versa. Furthermore,  who cares what caste you belong to. When we die, we all get cremated by the same flames not different. So to those who consider themselves as higher and boast about their caste calm down you do not breathe flavoured air. Overall? Sikhism is about equality so stop caste Sikhism is about not discriminating people Sikhism is about having tolerance to others. Without Fear Without Hate|| Sikhism is about love so marry whoever you want. Sikhism is about charity help those who are in need of it. Sikhism is about unity not division again I will stop caste discrimination. Sikhism is about being open minded you might fall in love with someone of another caste one day. I mean what is the difference between a Jatt or Kenyan Sikh ? I’ve been to both marriages and we both read the same Laava? Eat the same food? Have the same ceremonies? so keep your ignorance to yourself. Then people say Jatt is not a caste we are a race of people, the ONE thing that is different is the fact that my grandparents are farmers and landowners. That’s is it.



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