Annoying A-levels

Yes I done it
Yes I survived them I am breathing
The A-levels.

First ill start by saying I got A*A*B On the day of my results, I was late! I actually overslept so I had no time to check my UCAS. Brilliant.

When i got to sixth form I was too scared to open the brown envelope.

I put myself in a quiet space in the Sixth form block and just opened that ugly envelope. There it was, the grades I needed. My place at Queen Marys for Law was confirmed. Firstly, I was in shock “are these my results? forreal?” I walked out of the sixth form smiling at the paper I guess some people realised I done well.

Those 5am pre-exam revisions paid off
Those holiday revision sessions paid off
The amount of times I repeated the work to myself paid off
Focusing on myself paid off

And it will pay off for you
Work smart.


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