Anti Sikh Riots 1984

31st October 1984 was the day Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards, after her death approximately 8000 innocent Sikhs were directed to their deaths. Indira Gandhi was assassinated because in June 1984, she ordered the Indian army to attack the Golden Temple, which is the most holiest place for Sikhs around the world. The attack on the Golden temple was the most shocking event that had occurred for Sikhs and today many Sikh families effected by the attacks have still not overcome the trauma they had to face.

After the assassination of Indira Gandhi, Anti Sikh riots had begun. Later that day Rajiv Gandhi stated, “”when a big tree falls, the earth shakes” in other words after his mother was assassinated the people of India would seek revenge as a result this was what actually happened. Organized gangs set out in contrasting directions, their aim was find Sikhs and ruin their property eventually this aim turned more violent and radical. On 1st November 1984, the first set of Sikh killings had begun, gangs had  targeted Gurdwaras. Sikhs were beaten by mobs, publicly humiliated and were burnt alive with tyres around them. The Army and police units worked together to reduce  the violence however many argue that the acts of violence were organized with the support from the Delhi police and government officials, Delhi was the worst effected with 3000 deaths. 8000 Sikhs had to die because ONE politician died. The Sikh Massacre ended on 4th November, and till this day people are fighting for justice.

A picture showing a ruined property committed by organised gangs                                                                                           P23 - Home-HL - 1984 - Anti-Sikh riots-291x218-BT15092 - Property damage

Brutally beaten by angry mobs, these Sikhs were innocent yet still had to suffer 


This picture above shows how mobs came together to burn Sikhs, they watched them burn and left them to die. The events of 1984 were horrific, disgusting and it just shows how inhuman and barbaric people can be towards each other.